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Case studies

The live-streaming e-commerce platform.

The Challenge.

Halo Market are an eco-friendly e-commerce platform with a difference. They aim to bring the livestream experience to online shoppers across the UK. 

The live-streaming model is a fast growing concept massively used in China & recently breaking into the American market. In the UK we regularly use our social media accounts to browse & fall in love with brands. Here there's an element of live-stream shopping. However nobody has really developed the technology to bring this feature to their online e-commerce platforms. Until Halo Market!


The challenge they faced was turning this amazing concept into a reality. They needed to develop a fun brand, the online purchasing platform & the livestream technology & the advertising specialists to make it all work & sell.

Halo 2.jpg


To carry the existing brand into a more established e-commere platform & work with our backend developers to create a bespoke live streaming platform.

ServicesWebsite design, Creative, Backend development, Shopify development, Design, UX/UI, videography.

Bespoke live-streaming software.

The GTC way.

Get the Creams project management team carried out an in-depth review of Halo Market's current site pages, with a view to improving the user experience, and ultimately boosting the number of website bounces whilst improving their overall brand look & feel.

Off the back of our review, we set about re-designing the entire website, creating a new dedicated shop page for the refurbished eco-friendly tech they launched the concept with, we worked to make the customer journey as straightforward and intuitive as possible. This included moving the live-stream link as close to the top as possible.

After reviewing the user interaction, 14 days after the launch of the new website we found that though sales had increased by about 14% the sales were dropping off when the user would click through to the YouTube hosted video. This is when the client decided to work with GTC team & their freelance developers to create a bespoke live streaming platform. 

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 12.20.41.png

E-commerce meets livestream technologgy


Since launching the new livestream platform Halo Market have seen an increase of 220% in sales & reduced their bounce rate to 32%. 

The company continues to grow at an amazing rate & has diversified their product listing to all sustainable brands. They are continuing to work with Get the Cream digital marketing specialists & content creators on their paid advertising campaigns to grow the brand & online sales.

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