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Diverse & talented individuals.

Work with Get the Cream to hire the professionals you need to grow a bigger & better team. A team that will help your business flourish! 

Diversity is better for business. It’s better for creativity. It’s better for innovation. We work with the craziest, most organised, free thinking & experienced professionals to ever walk this little wet green island we call home. 

We love a challenge.

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So you run a flat out creative department? A thriving studio? An international digital agency? Maybe you're looking for additional specialist support on an inhouse project?

Whoever you need to get into fighting form, we can find that person for you.

Firstly we'll need to understand a bit about you & your set up. What specific talents the person you're looking for needs to have? Then we’ll get to work, using our network & processes we'll connect you with the best creative & digital savvy professionals you need.


Ability & diversity matters, whether you need one or multiple freelancers, full-timers or a full team of creatives &/or tech specialists, we can sort you out.

You'll be hanging with the best...

We've sourced permanent, contracted & freelance professionals for some of the best brands in industry.

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To name a few 😉.

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