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Working both independently and established creative agencies in Dubai, Leeds & London

Daniel Ellwood

Tagged Skills:

Graphic Design
Creative Strategy
Web Design

Experienced content writer producing exemplary documentation of company activity. 

Katie Jane Longbottom

Tagged Skills:

Content Writing
Pitch Deck Writing

Hi, I’m Evann! A multi disciplinary artist based in London, who works mainly as a 2D Animator, Illustrator and Designer.

Evann Nyack

Tagged Skills:

Character Animation
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The power of online search.


Design & development.


From logos to lettering.

Social Media

Content & management.


Create & edit.

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Post a project or work on an ongoing basis.

Whether you want to post a one of project or start a job that you'll need your freelancer for on an ongoing basis, our platform has the features to facilitate you. 😁

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Invite your favourite freelancers to your jobs.

Search the Freelancer Directory & checkout the UK's best certified talent. Browse profiles, 💙 the ones you want to work with & invite them to new or existing jobs.

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Manage your invoices & payments securely.

Our platform uses super secure payment software to make sure both you & the freelancers are protected. 👌🏼

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The freelancer platform with a difference

Work with GTC's in-house project management team to get the most out of our freelancer network.



Video & animation

Content creation & scheduling

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Don't take our word for it, check out some of our freelancers  latest projects.

We work with the UK's best freelancers! All our creative professionals have had years of in-house or agency experience, making them the cream of the crop!

Some of the clients they've worked with

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"I've worked with the Get the Cream & their team extensively! By teaming with their freelancers I've managed to grow my brand into Asia."

Kelly Hoppen MBE, Interior Designer | Ex BBC Dragon

Want to know more about 'teaming' & how we can help you manage a large project with multiple freelancers?

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Better content, better return on investment.


Unlock the benefits of working with a flexible, creative, skilled, diverse & quality-driven team.

ROI on e-commerce PPC campaigns within the first month of their launch.

video views on content created, directed & edited by our in-house & freelancer team.


more engagement on creatively planned & generated content.


Are there any recruiting costs?

Yes, our service fee is 10% of the agreed budget.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my matches?

We're keen to make sure you want to work with us for all your projects. So if you find you're mismatched with your freelancer(s), we'll analyse the problem & reallocate a new creative(s).

How much do freelancers charge?

Our displines vary. Day rates are approx: Strategy/Process Mapping: £300 Design: £280 UX/UI: £300 Development: £400 Writing and Social Media: £250 Film, Motion and Animation: £300

Where are your freelancers based?

We're on a mission to support our countries businesses and creatives! Because we're a freelancer digital agency our creative talents are located up and down the UK.

What is your vetting process?

Our network is closed off to the general public. So if we haven't invited the freelancer to join our network, we need to view their portfolio review their work. We only accept the kind of talent we'd want to work with - so we know they're nothing but the best!


project cost saving in comparison to traditional agency & in-house employment.

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