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We consult. We source & we connect.

Creative & digital specialists.

Discover, connect & create with the UK's best professional talent. 

As specialists in the creative & digital space we'll provide you with the people & the advice you need to grow your business & smash your projects outta the park!

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Image by mehrab zahedbeigi
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We'll source the professionals you need.

Connect with us directly or use our talent management system to discover full time, freelance or remote professionals.

But wait! You don't just have access to GTC's awesome network we'll also be working in the background to search & send you matching candidates perfect for the role.

Want to find out more about our network & talent management system?

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A bit of what we source.

We love to challenge & change things for the better. We believe in innovation. From creating mobile application technology to bringing brand new beverage concepts to market to producing viral worthy content we have the professionals to create & deliver.

With experience & knowledge of global markets, our professionals power the brands that capture imaginations & take consumers on that unique journey.

Want to know more about how we hire?


The power of online search.


Front & backend development.


From logos to lettering.


From podcasts to music.


Create original artwork.


Blogs to websites.


All about the user.

Project Management

Connect & control.

Social Media

Content & management.


Create & edit.


Find the voice for your brand.

Creative Direction

Viral worthy creations.

Projects powered by talent.

We regularly work with our network & manage projects that create a difference for exciting new brands.


From app development to video production you can work with GTC's in-house project management team to get the most out of our creative & digital network.

We collaborate with the best to create phenomenal results.

Don't take our word for it, check out some of our latest projects.

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Are there any recruiting costs?

Yes, to work directly through our talent management system there is a service fee is 10% of the agreed budget. When you hire with us our fee's are around 20% of the candidates annual income.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my matches?

We're keen to make sure you want to work with us for all your projects. So if you find you're mismatched with your creative professional(s), we'll analyse the problem & reallocate a new person(s).

How much do freelancers charge?

Our displines vary. Day rates are approx: Strategy/Process Mapping: £300 Design: £280 UX/UI: £300 Development: £400 Writing and Social Media: £250 Film, Motion and Animation: £300

Where are your freelancers based?

We're on a mission to support our countries businesses and creatives! Our creative talents are located up and down the UK.

What is your vetting process?

Our network is closed off to the general public. So if we haven't invited the freelancer to join our network, we need to view their portfolio review their work. We only accept the kind of talent we'd want to work with - so we know they're nothing but the best!

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Can't find what you're looking for?

Drop us a line. We'd love to help!