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Case studies

Content that gets the tastebuds flowing.

The Challenge.


Creating genuine brand orientated video & photography based content ​

to grow the brands organic awareness & keep current following engaged. TV Ad production

ServicesVideo, Blogging, Copywriting, Content Scheduling, Photography, Influencer Reach, Video Editing, TV Ad Production, Animation.

MAHI are a hot sauce company that have been established since 2017. The sauce company originated from a group of spice lovers who where ready to risk it all and take on the world of flavour. After their growing success the sauce soon saw their way onto the shelves of stores like Sainsbury's, Tescos & (the digital shelves of) Ocado.

But with great power comes great responsibility. The brand had to deliver on multichannel marketing techniques to keep the customer demand for the products high & consistent. 


MAHI already had a large online social following of around 13K followers, the problem they faced was keeping up to the task of growing their audience as well as dealing with day to day business. 

So they connected with the GTC team.

Keeping up standards

The GTC way.

The MAHI brand first reached out to GTC when they needed help keeping up to their content game. As a hot sauce company featuring in some of the UK's largest supermarkets they needed help outside of their current resources to manage & evolve their social content platforms & to continue to grow brand recognition & engagement. 

Our project managers worked with GTC's network of freelancers to pull together monthly: competitions, video recipe collaborations, product food photography shoots, branded industry news articles posts for niche platforms like LinkedIn, bespoke blog article content, influencer outreach & social media management such as follower interaction & scheduling.

As the brand continued to reach new sales with online PPC campaigns & delicious content going out everyday, the internal team decided going commercial was the next step for the brand. GTC lead the creative direction & production of the entire project using it's freelance network to pull together a super funky, TV ready, ad in just under 6 weeks.  

Funner, fresher & better delivery.


GTC's social media management of MAHI have seen an awesome growth! With an increase of 150% in likes & video views & a average growth in following of around 14%. 

Since launching their ad campaigns MAHI have seen a 330% increase in store sales. Now that's hot!

If you haven't tried one of these delicious sauces yet get to your local super market we promise it won't disappoint.

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