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How much does it cost to create, produce & develop with GTC?

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We're built to help your business grow. Our prices vary depending on what you're trying to achieve.


We have 3 ways to price up a project:

1. Based on our freelancers hourly/day rate you can agree 1-2-1 on a cost that suits you.

Check out the estimated rates below.

2. We can price up a one off or recurring job with a singular freelancer.

3. Or if you are in need of multiple freelancers to create a team. We can create a quote, which is inclusive of a GTC project manager to spearhead the job & make sure it's moving in the right direction


Price Range


Daily: £240 - 400   |   Hourly: £30 - £50

Our designers are absolutely amazing. They know how to take a brief & create everything you wanted & everything you didn't know you wanted! 

From digital design to printed media. Our specialists can design your packaging, branding, websites, apps, flyers, brochures & everything in between. 

Film & animation

Price Range

Daily: £240 - 400   |   Hourly: £30 - £50

With a diverse variety of talent, we have animators, videographers & motion graphic freelancers available at the click of a button! 

The ideal specialists to create award winning, attention grabbing content. From concept to delivery GTC videographers will deliver the best of the best. 

Not sure what you want from your video? All of our film & animation specialists can help you bring your ideas to life & can work with your team from the story board to the production, making sure your marketing messages are clear.

Digital Marketing

Price Range


Daily: £240 - 400   |   Hourly: £30 - £50

Looking for someone to help with your marketing or digital strategy? We have expert freelancers that specialise in all advertising.


Our marketeers specialise in digital acquisition, content creation & SEO. They will help you navigate & deliver the best approach to creating an online presence in both ecommerce & service industries.

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Development & programming

Price Range


Daily: £280 - 800   |   Hourly: £35 - £100

We have a range of developers from Android & Apple app developers to back-end & front-end developers.


All techies in our network have experience in different programming languages, from Python to C++, Java to NodeJS, you can find the expert to help with any & all your programming needs.

Taking Selfie

Social Media

Price Range

Daily: £240 - 400   |   Hourly: £30 - £50

Projects powered by talent.

We regularly work with our network & manage projects that create a difference for exciting new brands.


From app development to video production you can work with GTC's in-house project management team to get the most out of our creative & digital network.

We collaborate with the best to create phenomenal results.

Don't take our word for it, check out some of our latest projects.

We work with some of the best writers, content creator, scheduling experts & strategists. 


We know it's difficult to know where to start & can feel overwhelming when trying to make a disruption in the world of social media. However our experienced experts will help you to get your business brand & messaging across. 

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