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Case studies

Updating a brand of brands.

The Challenge.


Working with a large distributor of well know & new in-house grocery brands, to update brand look and feel & online presence & platforms.

ServicesDesign, Packaging, Frontend Development.

UF international are one the UK's leading brands in international grocery distribution. They work with the likes of Coca-cola, Kellogg's & Cadbury's as well as producing in-house products. 

When Get the Cream started working with UFI they were about to launch their new customer portal for international grocery ordering & distribution & looking for an agency to help update their current website in preparation of the launch.

They also have a super cool snack brand they were struggling to pull together & wanted our help to update & tie the brand up & help it make sense. 

It was up to GTC to help modernise these platforms to help UFI communicate with their audience more efficiently. 

Helping the brand resonate with its audience.

The GTC way.

We worked with out brand specialist freelancers to thoroughly review the industry competitors, to see how their websites functioned & the explore the user experience when using these platforms.

We pulled together a comprehensive brand research doc that highlighted the where the current company website was at, what competitors were doing & how we could do it way better. 

We pulled together the designs & wire framing of a full website redesign, incorporating corporate colour & fonts that where professional yet more upmarket & full of personality. We teamed striking imagery with simple transitions to create smooth, smart feel to complete the user experience. 

When working on the companies independent in-house snack brands our brand specialists did a similar thing. The took a deep dive into where the brand was, what other brands were doing and how they could do it better & submitted a review doc with a strategy on how to move the brand forward.

UFI 2.png

Funner, fresher & better delivery.


UFI has been working closely with the GTC freelancer designers, videographers, animators & contentwriters on executing their brand revamp strategy. We've seen some awesome brighter fresher packaging & some smart looking website designs! 

We're excited to keep working with UFI on their digital marketing campaign for all their brands once the massive project of refreshing the current brand has been finished! 

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